Earth and Space People – Be aware of our Presence – Intergalactic Federation – My name is ASSA, Channeller Acolla-TASCHEN – 4-25-16

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Good health to you,the people of Earth.My sincere greetingsto you, earthlings.Iam a representative of theIntergalacticFederation, my name isASSAand I’m from the teamyou all knowcommander in chief of theflotillaof extraterrestrialspace,our commanderAshtar.On his behalfI conveyto youthis message.

Dear colleagues,dear earthlings, allow me to convey to you thefollowing information:

Many centuries ago,when the Earth,your planet has gatheredits energy potential, peoplehave ahigherlevelof energy reserves.The man wasin close contactwith all elements of nature,manpossessed the powerof heroic potential.The natural level of all aspects of lifecontributedto one’s health andsanity.Butthe process of evolutionthe world has changed itspotential and

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