INELIA BENZ – Staying Heart Centered – What does that mean?

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Inelia Benz

INELIA BENZ   –   Staying Heart Centered   –   What does that mean?

One of the main techniques we can use for ascension work is to stay Heart Centered.  But what does this mean exactly? Well, it doesn’t mean, “be good”, or “be loving”, or “be forgiving”. Although these things might happen when we stay heart centered, but only as side effects.

To stay Heart Centered is an actual physical practice. It’s like going on the treadmill to keep your physical body fit.  This exercise is designed to move our awareness from our head center/ego to our heart center/higher-self.

The first thing to do is to locate the heart center.  This the area behind our breastbone, up toward the jugular notch, and back to between the shoulder blades.   This whole area is your Heart Center. I it encompasses what are called the Heart Chakra, and Angel Chakra or the Shoulder Blade…

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