Energy Return

When you go to bed at night you should always review the events of your day, including all that you did during the day and of course conversations even the ones that were pleasant. Once you have reviewed these bits of information, torch them with St. Germain’s violet flame, or explode the rose into fireworks. The rose is a fifth dimensional tool that you can learn if  you care to listen to a Mastering Alchemy that will help you learn how to learn how to use the rose, which is what I use. There are free webinars on the MA website that you can listen to, they will teach you how to use the rose. If you are reading this blog you probably have heard of the violet flame another 5th dimensional tool, that you can use to burn away any energy that isn’t 5th dimensional, in other words non-love and service to self.

Although neuro-therapist do not use either of these tools to treat their patients, they do use another tool, called neuro-linguistic programming, or NLPR. I first learned NLPR or time line therapy years ago when I was studying material from Carolyn Myss and it is a very useful tool for anybody who knows how to use it. When you first think about a timeline you will actually sense whether your timeline moves from left to right or the reverse.

For a person struggling with life, timeline therapy can save be a miracle. Using this therapy you can go back in the past to the first time you smoked a cigarette or took that first drink. With the intent to view that moment of time you will see it as a frame like a film, then you can do a couple of things;  choose to do something different, go for a walk, stay in the house, take a bath. There are an infinite number of timelines and there are tons of times where you never smoked a cigarette or there were people who were with you that didn’t think smoking was cool.  When you decide to change your timeline , take that frame of timeline and use St. Germain’s torch and have a bonfire,  or explode it into millions of pieces.

This is what you should do every night and get rid of the day you just had. You can’t live in the past or the future, your power isn’t there it is in the Now, so why bother keeping thoughts about that day. The brain as a natural part of its process takes days where nothing happened are after a short time dissolved and then the timeline is compressed. So if you can be diligent and make it a habit to every night take a few minutes to purge your mind of all the days events you will have much more energy, as a matter of process all of the energy that you have just torched away returns to everybody involved.

Every person has only so much energy to run their body. Each person that is inside your head is holding your energy and depending on how many people are living in your head at one time, and couple that with the amount of energy it actually takes to power the body, it is quickly realized that you don’t have enough energy to run your body and also have the energy to co-create your life.  Most people are running an energy deficit, because of their addictions, that energy is taken out of your cells, leading to the weakest part of your body breaking down.

There is so much of our energy trapped in other people that it is sometimes a wonder that people are able to create their life at all. Hold on! Newsflash, unless you have done some work removing implants, energy vampires and peoples control dramas, you won’t have enough to create your life the way you want it. This is the important part, if you don’t have enough power to hold an intention to co-create your life, it gets done for you. Welcome to life in the fast lane.