Melanie Beckler – HOW TO OPEN YOUR HEART – 4-21-16

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Melanie Beckler

How to Open Your Heart

 How to Open Your Heart The Ultimate Guide to Opening Your Heart. The angels often say that walking the path of an open heart is the master path of awakening. In other words, keeping your heart open is the most direct and accelerated ascension path. Wherever you are in your life and in the moment, living with an open heart and responding with love is the next step in aligning with increased joy, love, abundance. The path of the open heart is the direct path to creating positive change.

How to Open Your Heart

But if you’re like many spiritual seekers, you’re likely wondering just how to open your heart, and what your heart chakra is anyway. Introducing: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Your Heart In this guide to opening your heart, you’ll not only learn what your heart is, and…

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