It is up to YOU! – ASHIRA of the Councilof the Radiant Light – with the Arcturians – 4-21-16

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It is up to YOU!   –   ASHIRA of the COUNCIL of the RADIANT LIGHT   –  

with the Arcturians   –   4-21-16


Greetings Earthlings.
We greet you from a star that is close to you and yet in your conscious experience, is known only as light. We know that you are cognizant that there is life in the heavens and we speak to you in that state of inner knowing.
Your planet has opened up energetically and with this, new potentials are in play. Not many humans are living the fullness of these potentials yet, and yet we watch know, it is just a matter of time. We watch with respect and honoring of you and great curiosity and enthusiasm for what you are creating.
The time is now to awaken and express your divine self; the essence that you are. Before this time, Earth…

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