A 5D World

A 5D world is not achievable for most people right now. Unless you were born as a fifth dimensional being, you will have to make changes to your life. I know a lot of people who have changed their lives, and it does not happen overnight. Years ago when I was spending way too much time in the bars, I decided to change my life. To become a writer, I had to give up that life. Anything worthwhile in life takes time and commitment, and frequently it takes a change in lifestyle.

Jim Self has said in his free webinars that people that are striving to become fifth dimensional lose their friends. When you don’t have the same interests in life and choose to take an active role in bringing about a new life for yourself and family, you are making radical changes. Those friends who are just with you because you do the things you want to do will fall away like leaves on a tree. As you open up to all the change and possibilities that following a fifth dimensional lifestyle affords you, you make friendships that are strong and full of growth.

I found that there are few friends that do not judge. When you live an unconditional life you change, even within your closest relationships. While this may seem that it will make the relationship fall less close, it is vital that new energy comes into the connection. Without a re-circulation of energy the partnership gets stagnant. My best friend is a person that is unconditional and although we don’t spend a lot of time together, when we do connect there is always something new and fresh in our lives to share and discuss.

True friends are hard to find, however when both friends are pursuing the the same goal – being the best person they can be and wanting to see the world in the finest expression of itself.  Then you know that it isn’t a popularity contest, because when your only desire is to engage with other people, then as long as those people don’t cross your boundaries, then all is right with the world.

Do you believe? If you can believe before you see, then you can create your own world. Their are gifts beyond your imagination in a Unity Consciousness world. Your only work is to create what you desire.

If you see this world as a mess and one step away from disaster, there is only one person to blame – yourself. Their have been plenty of chances for people to wake up and become aware, for the most part, they are apathetic and will never believe that something so right will be easy.

Soon people will have no choice. Time is not slowing down, nor will it ever again. There is no time, and that is the skin that this world is shedding off. Right now because of our belief  in time we are still stuck in a spell called Babylonian money magic. Time has so many facets that impinge on our life. A foundation called the Law of Time believe that our biosphere is warped because while the rest of the Universe follows natural time, we follow mechanical time. This is what causes pollution.

There is laws in this Universe that are followed all over the Universe, and this one is a formula: art = energy(time).  Which in my interpretation means that as the ultimate goal in life is to pursue your passion. The introduction of mechanical time, and then a calendar based on mechanical time, takes the magic out of the world. On this world for 3rd dimensional people, money = energy(time) is the law. That is what must change, but for most of us the change is slow, and we must wait for domino’s to fall. Those who introduced the Babylonian money magic will do whatever they have to to slow down that change.

Time will cease to be a concern, unless we insist on following it. The only time they followed in the past was the moon, and the seasons. Length of time was how long it took to walk from here to there. How many candles burned etc. When this happens people will start doing what they want to do. When you take the need to make money out of the equation, you will see an amazing world, full of people taking their passion to the nth degree. We are headed to a Star Trek Universe, where whatever we wish to create we can. We will never be bored again.












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