Welcome to The New Earth Times! – 4-18-16

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Photos of Christine’s Security Ship.  
Confirmed by Ashtar.  July 2015.


Enlarged zoom image from the photo above.  
Both photos were taken on a Galaxy G6 phone 
and are un-retouched in any way.
A Note from Kathryn & Christine
Thank you for the flood of messages and support.  We have seen your loving ways in the words you choose and the kindness you send.  We have seen your devotion to God, Earth, your Ascension and each other in the way you stand steady with grace and unwavering care.  We have seen you side-by-side us, as we are by you, fulfilling whatever needs be done for our inner Awakening and collective Ascension.
We have been publicly quiet because we needed to recover physically from a segment of our assignment, which the Masters will tell you about in the messages below.  We want to highlight…

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