Steve Beckow – Falling in Love with Everyone – The Divine Mother on her Divine Plan4-21-16

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Divine-Mother-3The Divine Mother has gone out of her way to reveal her Divine Plan to us. Our entire mission and purpose is to experience love, she says:

“Dear hearts, your mission and purpose is to be, to know and to experience love. Everything else emanates, grows, is fertilized by that. If you are not having the knowing, the joy, the bliss of love, then you are not on purpose.” (1)

Her Divine Plan was for us all to fall in love:

“My plan is for the entire group of humanity to fall in love. And I do not mean in the old way, I mean in the cherishing, the freedom, the liberation, the co-creation. And it begins two by two.” (2)

What does she mean, two by two?  The Divine Mother wants us to be in sacred union with ourselves first, and then with a partner, and then with others…

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