Revenge of the Dark

prince2Prince, one of the most controversial entertainers since the eighties died the other night; and I would be surprised if foul play was not involved. Corey Goode, has disclosed that they can heart attack anybody in seconds. Prince spoke out about the geo-engineering of our Earth, and left people with no doubt that we are being poisoned. The list of entertainers that have been eliminated for speaking out is long. Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hendrix and John Lennon are among the legendary stars that have chosen to speak out and paid the price. I could write a chapter on MK Ultra and the control the CIA has over the stars, but that has been done by many people. The younger stars have no choice other than to toe the line or they will lose their career. The older stars have a choice and Prince and Merle Haggard spoke out about chemtrails. Big name stars attract a lot of people, and there are more people awake and aware that the US Federal election is about as legit as a two headed coin.

The stars are speaking out and letting the States that are pushing their sexual agendas, and specifically the transgender issue. Bruce Springsteen started the ball rolling, cancelling his concert in North Carolina because of this issue.

Many entertainers have taken his lead. This is what we have to do in the future. Recently there were thousands of people protesting in Washington DC and this is what needs to happen. We are not going to have a free Earth until we all come together and protest. Those protests have to be shown on the internet, and we must take down mainstream media. You want to hurt the dark – don’t attend any professional sports games, turn your tv set off. Only go on the internet when you absolutely have to. Don’t go on Facebook, Youtube or any other big name sites. Take your life back. The dark are reeling right now they don’t have much left and are on the precipice of surrender. I know I have been writing about this for a long time, and when will the world finally see the results we have anticipated.

Time is a different concept in the higher dimensions, because they have no time it seems they can’t say for sure. We have been given dates when things will happen only to see them come and go. So what are we to do? We continue to write about what is happening in the world, we continue to hope, and we continue to give one hundred percent of our effort. Why? Because we have seen the new world, we have seen a future where people live in harmony, and there is no such thing as money.

Over the past few months I have followed some really interesting people who show what it is like to live in a new world. Now it has come to the point where I must make a choice. Follow the stuff that is conspiratorial, but really could be years away from coming to an end, and may only be relevant to people in North America or  write about what I see coming in the near future, and preparing people for what opportunities you will have in the near future. There is lots of work that needs to be done, thankfully there are plenty of teachers.