Phillip J. Watt – Can the Truth and Sovereignty Movements Finally Join Forces? – 4-22-16

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By Phillip J. Watt, The Mind Unleashed

Phillip J. Watt   –   Can the Truth and Sovereignty Movements Finally Join Forces?   –   4-22-16

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When we collaborate, we’re strong. When we divide, we’re weak. With so many competing beliefs about what the problems are, as well as how to move forward, the various truth and sovereignty movements are struggling to unite. Therefore, we should make it an imperative to put our superficial differences to the side and work together for our common core cause: freedom.

Humanity is enslaved, whether we individually know it or not. Economically, educationally, psychologically, emotionally, medically, philosophically and spiritually – among many others – we have been hijacked by the corporatization of our world.

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