The Ancient She Speaks – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan @ The Quantum Awakening

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The Ancient She Speaks

I have awakened from a sleep beyond time. I live in the vortices beyond the stars. I touch my toes, on earth and my hair stretches to other solar systems.  Until this time I have not existed upon Earth. I come and embrace every inch of you for you are the flesh of my flesh. You are the hope of my hope and you are the love of my heart. You have stood through time, taller than any mountain, reaching for the sky, screaming at the land, laughing as the waves washed your soul.

I awaken to Earth to give her what she needs. I am not of the earth. I am not of this land you call home. She is my child. She cries for her mother. A mother she has not seen since birth. All planetary beings were birthed from my…

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