If you could only see the brilliance of the great light you hold – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan @ The Quantum Awakening


Zoltan Molnos - Tutt'Art (30)  art ART : Zoltan Molnos @ Tutt’Art


Do Not Lick The Wounds That Someone Gave You Years Ago

But Allow Yourself To Taste The Sweetness Of Life In The Now


We are the Pleiadians: The exquisiteness of your yearning to become more thrills our hearts and expands our souls.  We see you struggling in the muck of your everyday existence.  Each day you drag yourself from the tar pits of the day before like a dinosaur. Many have allowed themselves to be sidetracked by events and energies that come to undo you.  From Families to friends you have extended yourself to far and now feel like a broken yardstick.

Like a woman on the desert with a baby with very little water, you have watered the baby first and not yourself, if something happens to you who is going to carry the baby from the desert? Giving to you…

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