Creating and Receiving Blessings at 4/21 Full Moon Selacia a message from Selacia

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Creating and Receiving Blessings at 4/21 Full Moon

Full Moons can be powerful times of personal growth, breakthroughs, and celebrations. At times like the April 21-22 Scorpio Full Moon, you may notice energies are more intense and amplified. Emotions, perhaps normally under wraps, tend to come to the surface. You could be over-the-top joyful and fire-hot angry, all in one day.

Full Moon Spotlight 

There’s a spotlight on things around this time, bringing to awareness details of things. Insights can be profound – whether from dreams, meditation, simple inner inquiry, or observation. Solutions can come to you, seemingly from out of nowhere, helping you to make life shifts or heal difficult situations.

Many people feel an expanded energy for several days in advance and afterwards. While it’s common to feel on overload when things get intense, don’t overlook the blessings of this…

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