Heaven Letter #5624 – Be an Alchemist – 4-18-16

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Heaven Letter #5624   –   Be an Alchemist   –   4-18-16


God said:

Everything you choose in life is your choice. Here’s what I mean:

If you are sad, you chose sadness. If you can choose sadness, you can choose happiness.

Your life is based on your choices. Under all circumstances, you have choices to make. Your experience and the world itself may tell you that under certain circumstances, you can only be unhappy. To believe that or not believe that is also a choice you make.

If you can choose anger, you can choose peace. You may say you can’t help anger. You may say you do not choose it, but suddenly it appears and seems to take you over — your emotions, your thoughts, your blood pressure. Do you think you can only be a fall guy to anger?

Beloveds, if you did not choose anger, then who…

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