SAINT GERMAINE – via GENOVEVA @ The Council Of Love – 4-13-16

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“ Greetings my dear ones ! I AM St. Germaine , and I am gladly coming today to address thee , to bring you my Love and Light and Joy as always , to congratulate and bring you again My and the whole COL’s appreciations and applauds for your steadfastness and fortitude .

It takes a lot of strength to navigate these difficult times, again there are waves of thick clouds and layers  of negativity that are being cleared from Gaia and the whole human collective . You are feeling it of course, and you are working on constantly clearing and transmuting , paying attention to all the energies that are coming your way and then using all the tools that you have, to discriminate , to discern and to release ..

We are so very proud to see how every day, in the morning and sometimes more than…

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