Jesus via John Smallman – The Energetic Overlay of Planet Earth is very heavy, which makes it difficult for those on Earth to Communicate with those in the Spiritual Realms – 4-13-16

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Jesus via John Smallman   –   The energetic overlay of planet Earth is very heavy which makes it difficult for those on Earth to communicate with those in the spiritual realms   –   4-13-16

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday April 13th
You are always infinitely loved, there is not a moment when you are not enfolded in the divine embrace, the field of Love that is God, our Source. There is nothing anyone can do to break the bonds of Love that connect them to God, Who neither judges, nor blames, nor condemns. Those are all unreal human concepts, whereas Love is the only Reality. So, forgive yourselves, accept yourselves, and embrace yourselves, as God does; and in the knowing that you are eternally and infinitely loved, then love, honor, and respect yourselves. When you do that you will find that you also honor and respect all others. That…

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