Mira of the Pleiadian High Council – via Valerie Donner – 4-8-16

Higher Density Blog

pleiadians3-270x330Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, serving full time on the Earth Council.

The truth be told is that we are astounded at the events currently occurring on your planet. To use your phraseology “It is like a three ringed circus.”

We assist with the Ascension process in numerous locations in creation but we have never seen anything quite like this. As Ground Crew you are sharpening up your skills and mastery as you are maneuvering through some of the darkest energies we have seen. You are earning not only your Badge of Courage but many extra awards for your diligence and expertise. Your big reward will be to inherit your Earth back.

Thank you for your loving service and willingness to participate in this divine experiment. The Creator is pleased with you too and so are the many members of the Light Alliance and the Galactic…

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