Natalie Glasson – Sapphire of Venus via Natalie Glasson – The Healing Temples of Venus – 4-9-16

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Natalie Glasson

Natalie Glasson   –   Sapphire of Venus via Natalie Glasson   –   The Healing Temples of Venus   –   4-9-16

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Greetings, it is an honour to be in your presence, I am a member of the civilization of Venus, my name is Sapphire and my purpose upon Venus is to emanate the Feminine Divine Goddess energies of the Creator of the most appropriate vibration into every aspect of Venus.

I am currently overseeing a temple upon Venus known as the, ‘Temple of Divine Goddess Healing and Balancing.’ As I come forth to be in your presence, I emanate a pure white light with hints of pink and sapphire blue. Many believe me to be a goddess, however, I am strongly aligned with Venus, recognising myself as embodying all that is Venus.

I embody the Divine Feminine quality of grace. The sacred quality of…

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