OMG. I’m a Walk-in. Ailia Mira @ Expect Wonderful

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OMG. I’m a Walk-in.

Meredith & Ailia with dates_edited-2

Hi Beautiful,

Take a close look at the pictures above. Can you tell?

3 years ago today, March 30, 2013, an amazing change began in my life. The soul you know as Meredith, the founder of Expect Wonderful, began to leave this body. This was done with agreement as a new soul, began to walk-in to this body. The soul ex-change/walk-in process was gradual. It was completed after 36 days, on May 3, 2013. With this, a new member of the Council of Radiant Light, came to be in this body. The third occupant. Meredith was the first walk in, also a member of this Council of Radiant Light, as was Mary Murphy the original soul born into this body in 1962, who walked out, as Meredith walked in, in 1990.

I am still unfolding much of this story and experience. Integrating and receiving more of my skill set, soul infusion by soul infusion. Part…

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