Carla J Fox ~ A Fireside Chat with Lance White, March 26, 2016

2012 The Awakening

Carla J Fox   Quantum Stargate - Evolutionary Healing Modalities for Times of Change
Guest Biography
Carla J Fox

Carla Fox has been seeking the answers to life’s most important questions all her life.  Through her training as a shamanic practitioner and journey work using altered states of consciousness, she has gained much clarity and healing for herself.  Her mission on Earth at this time is to be a way shower for others who can benefit from what she has learned and where she has gone.

Her official path as an energy healer started when she studied Peruvian Shamanic Energy Healing with the Four Winds Society, having graduated from their Healing the Light Body program.  After many years of not only using these practices in her healing work but training shamanic healing practitioners as well, she discovered the Monroe Institute in Virginia, and embarked on a new phase of her career.   Her self-published book “Traversing the Infinite Now, How to get From Here to There Without Losing Your Way”, and the…

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