The New Earth Times

Archangel Michael: CO-RV!


Archangel Michael:
The RV/GCR is happening.  Now.  NESARA is happening Now.  All around you, the events and energies that are shaping what will be known as the New Golden Age are bubbling, swirling and popping, like a great feast being cooked for a crowd of billions.  Take in the wafting deliciousness that is abundance of every kind, and so appropriately captured in this image of a world-wide feast!  Enough for everyone!  Joyful sharing and laughter!  The end of all divisiveness, separation and uncomfortable strangeness between human brothers and sisters.  All colors, all races, all so-called religions have every reason to see each other as beloved neighbors and friends, for when there is plenty, love blooms.
Envision it with me, dear friends.  Plenty of EVERYTHING.  No competition for resources – or even Love – for that matter.  Every child will have a family, and every family will have a home because there will be peace on Earth, and peace will bring the opportunity for the gentle return to peaceful co-existence and peaceful Co-Creation.  It is not as far away as you might imagine.  In fact, this is what we need – for you to see it, feel it, taste it, and carry the truth of our great mutual triumph in your hearts and minds as we move forward together.
Yes, the RV/GCR is happening, and it is rolling forward, like a river flowing to the sea.  It cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed or perhaps re-routed a bit by placing obstacles in its path.  There are many who would wish to do so, but they will not stop the flow.  It is ordained by God.
One Foot Over the Line Sweet Jesus
But here’s the thing.  We cannot achieve the big finish – which leads to the Big Beginning Sananda spoke of – without you.  Without you-and-us-together at this juncture in the Earth Plan, our separate efforts would simply be like one hand clapping – impossible.  Co-RV. You-and-Us.  Co-Creation.  That is the message being presented from so many sources now, many of whom we have featured here in the New Earth Times, and it is Truth.  I repeat:  CO-RV!
GrandFather is in charge, yes.  He has released the process.  AND he makes the final final decision to GO based on the highest Goodness for all.  So what contributes to the Goodness?  You!  You are on the team that clears the smog while anchoring, choosing, being so much of that Goodness that you cause Goodness to overtake anything else that could hinder your desires, our plan, Earth’s destiny.  Every thought you choose to think and every feeling you choose to have matters beyond your furthest comprehension and your wildest imagination.
Imagine the RV has popped.  You have received the 800 numbers, made your appointment, and you are sitting in your Redemption meeting, hearing the spectacular rates St Germain has promised for you.  How do you feel?  What are your thoughts?  Now, deeply consider: Why would your thoughts and feelings be any different at this moment, now, than they will be then? 
There.  I have given you the key.  Use it not just to unlock the door, but to dissolve all doors.
Time for Deep Inner Diving
I am speaking to you a bit differently today, so after you take in the words and energies I am transmitting to you, and you contemplate and make them your own, you may have questions.  Please, contemplate first, so that the question serves your Ascension and everyone else’s, not just your anxious lower self.
Just about everyone in Dinarland is wobbling.  It is perfect.  They are wobbling free their previously unseen, un-see-able and stuck beliefs and behaviors.  Those who have heretofore held fast in their faith and goodwill are under massive attack by the dubious doubters, the so-called skeptics and the outright shills whose job it is to try to defeat them, discredit them, wear them down and throw them off their path.  It is perfect because this kind of pressure squeezes every form of frustration, annoyance and anger out into the open where it can be flooded, transformed and healed by the Light of God.
Now, the tricky bit of the challenge is to acknowledge those difficult feelings in yourself rather than focus on them as they arise for others.  Know that even those you have loved and known as Co-Creators in this work are wobbling too.  If you could but see the magnificent release of density in progress, you would only have left the urge to cheer each other on to valiant and certain victory!  There is a moment in human relationships – any close relationship – where a spark is struck, an emotion flares, and the most common response is to lash out.  It happens to everyone, and when it does, it feels warranted, justifiable, logical.  We feel entitled to our irritation and anger because we believe something truly valuable is at stake, whether it be our dignity, our rightness, our reputation or our truly precious project.
Now I ask you to take a deep steady breath and move back from the current state of affairs as you see them and look with me at the greater landscape.  See the energies that push you to the edge of your patience as a gift – a present from God when you need it most.  For instance, right now before receiving prosperity beyond comprehension, you are being given the opportunity to reach deeper than you ever have before, to find the truth that lives beyond anger, beyond fear, and beyond ego.  When you and one you love have a disagreement about what is right action or right belief, look beyond to see the truth of your partnership.  It is Love.
The challenge is to see the wobble that is so utterly obvious in someone else in yourself and to know that no matter what you might be feeling, it is not caused by the one next to you.  It is yours to examine, acknowledge, own and transmute.  It is also the responsibility of all involved to do the same, in the name of Love, but your responsibility lies within, between you and yourself and God.
Now, feel within yourself how different your response is when you are carefully taking into account your own wobble, and you are seeing others as being as vulnerable, earnest and devoted as you are.  Look at this person whom you felt, for a moment, to be your adversary, and see how important their love and trust truly are to you.  Look deeply into their soul for the goodness you know is there.  You will not be disappointed.  You will feel a sudden shift within, from anger to compassion, from frustration to gentle warmth.  You are in this together, and that is what matters above all else.  Love wins!  Love wins!
I have a gem for you, but first it would help if you would intentionally allow my words and the energies they are carried upon to slip past any leftover programming that may be kicking in for you right about now.  Here is the jewel.  In the higher dimensions, we always correctly assume that the other is offering their best. It causes us to permanently be each other’s champion, supporter, advocate.  It is just exactly the same for how we see and support you.  The secret is that once you adopt this attitude as your only strategy – that others are doing their utmost to learn their lessons, accomplish their Missions and fulfill their Life Plans to the fruition of Love – you will look around to see that your life already exists in the dimension of freedom, prosperity and love.
Of course it is helpful and kind for all concerned to acknowledge their wobble, to apologize if toes were stepped on or feelings hurt.  This healing is part of the upward trajectory we are creating together.  It is our pact:  I will ease your way as you ease mine, and we all deeply acknowledge our Love and our responsibility to one another.  We can heal these fits and spurts of old toxic energies, by recognizing them as our own, releasing them with humor, relief and joy, and by celebrating the freedom that comes when we can point to our own foibles and missteps and say with deep humility, “Oops. I am so sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  Thank you.”
This process I describe leads you out of the preposterous trap of getting stuck together in a loop that could keep you going round and round endlessly in a circle.  Instead, when you reach outside the cycle of discomfort with the other, when you shift into Love and reach for Mother and Father’s hand, and hold on no matter what, you reach for Co-Creation.  Even as it feels you are reaching into the unknown, you are ascending, leaving old thought forms and feelings far behind.
Co-Creation takes the form of a spiral – an ascending energetic flow that carries you out of the present moment into a new reality. This, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, is the brilliance you embody as a Light Bearer!
You are working so hard.  You are giving it all you’ve got and much much more.  We tenderly remind you that you are releasing any and every thing that is not delight, reverence, compassion, wonder and God’s abundance.  With our love and deep fondness for you, we help you remember that your true nature is joy.  You are not just joyful.  You are Joy.  You are not just peaceful.  You are Peace.  You are Grace.  You are Laughter.  You are Prosperity.  You are not those things in some alternative existence or in some higher realm, you are…Love…everywhere.
Take it gentler now.  We are asking you to hold the Light by making only choices that sustain the peaceful easy feeling that is…YOU! (wink.)
Now, we here in the Council have a question for you.  How will you land the RV today?
To answer your questions about what we will do… we are prepared to push it through now, no matter what.  We want you to know that we do indeed understand that there must come a moment when we GO in spite of the negativity, cabal tricks and traps, pessimistic backwash, cycles of rising and falling energies, and so on.
What we need to know, is are you truly ready?   That doesn’t refer to your checklists or strategies.   It means what Yosef has been asking.  Are you ready in your soul?  Have you chosen your stance, no matter the hour or the day of release?  Release yourself now once and FOR ALL.  Do you have our backs if we GO?  If you cannot stay steady, calm and loving now, how will you stay steady then?
So, we teeter on the final moment.
I promise you this:  I, Archangel Michael, child of God, now give my great love and attention to our Earth Project of Ascension, including the release of the RV/GCR – which is a next step in The Plan leading to the full restoration of Light on Earth.  I expand with faith and humility beyond anything I have previously been, so that I may be ever more filled with God to serve those in my care.
Take my hand Brothers and Sisters.  Join with me and all your family here.  We are joined with you.  This is about Love.
I love you.
I am your Michael