YOSEF – GOD’S GIFT -RV Intel, Plea, Prayer – 3-21-16

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“God’s Gift” – RV Intel, Plea, Prayer by Yosef
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“God’s Gift”   –  RV Update, Intel, Plea   –  Monday – March 21, 2016
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
There were some late security/cyber issues last night.  Meaning, they started and stopped the RV in the USA.  Was this accidental or intentional?  One final pump fake to catch the last of the moles embedded by the bad guys?  No one but Grandfather really knows for sure.
Now, how long they will take to restart the process we do not know either.  Some say it will be attempted again tonight.  Some say Monday night, while others say Tuesday night to restart this event. I’m no longer leaning either way because day, rate and time are irrelevant at this point.  But what we know for sure is that late last night, right after the Springtime…

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