SUZANNE LIE – THE ARCTURIANS – Remembering What You Always Knew, Part 1 – 3-22-16

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SUZANNE LIE   –   THE ARCTURIANS   –   Remembering What You Always Knew, Part 1  –   3-22-16


The physical body is your first “resonance receptor” to receive the ever-expanding higher frequency energy patterns that are entering your daily life. Your brain controls your body, but your body also controls your brain. Your heart has the final say, especially once it transmutes into your High Heart.

Through out this transmutation, your physical mind and heart must work together within your ever-expanding consciousness as your physical brain transmutes into your Multidimensional Mind and physical heart into your High Heart.

Your Multidimensional Mind perceives and accepts the higher frequency thought forms of interdimensional thoughts and shares them with your High Heart. Then your High Heart accepts and translates these higher frequency thought forms by combining the interdimensional thoughts with the interdimensional emotions.

With thoughts and emotions combined, the translated Light messages…

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