OPEN – Giving and Receiving – Mastering the Spiritual Feedback Loop – 1-14-14

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OPEN   –   Giving and Receiving   –   Mastering the Spiritual Feedback Loop   –   1-14-14

Within spiritual evolution, it’s important to move beyond the need for an outcome in the external world. The soul has no need for the world to be a particular way. Yet the outer is an externalised manifestation of the inner – a ‘mirror’ so to speak. Therefore it would be natural to look for some result of internal energy work. In fact, to an energy worker, who catalyses the field, it is essential to generate ‘feedback loops’ which accelerate and build the energy. The soul is yearning for this. How might we find that sense of completion in a world that is often so insensitive?…

Working the field

Some people are here to ‘work the field’- to unravel blockages, to assist in reharmonisation of free flow, to catalyse and shift energy. Energy workers have…

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