JESUS / SANANDA – ~ Jesus Sananda: Be Love, Know Love, Express Love, Be In Infinite Joy – Heavenly Blessings Program – 3-15-16

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Jesus Sananda: Be Love, Know Love, Express Love and Be In Infinite Joy

“First and foremost – yes, even before your service, what you think of as your mission and purpose, your job for the Mother – your first mission is to be Love, to know Love, to express Love, and to know and be Joy before you do anything else, before you attend to the tedious matters of life, whether it is health or the IRS or feeding a family, keeping a roof over your head.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ March 8, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: We are both thrilled to be back on the air once again with the Council of Love and today we welcome our beloved Jesus Sananda to the show, this time to have a word about the patterning of our reality.

I have…

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