ARCHANGEL METATRON via Melanie Beckler – The Trth Behind Crystalline Energy – Its Role in Triggering Ascension – 3-17-16

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ARCHANGEL METATRON  via  Melanie Beckler   –   The Trth Behind Crystalline Energy   –   Its Role in Triggering Ascension   –   3-17-16


Greetings, I Archangel Metatron and I am pleased to connect with you now. Understand that you are experiencing a period of the opening of cosmic intelligence, a portal of love.

I want to talk more about what this means. And in order to do so, I want to cover a bit of history about your planet.

Remember, as you read these words, shift your awareness into your heart, and allow your heart to open, for with this message comes frequency, cleansing you and lifting you so that you might experience the higher realms.

I’m very present with you here and now as you read these words. Feel this presence within your heart. Yes, I am lifting your energy now.


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