Lightholders and Holding the Light – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Lightholders and Holding the Light


I had another discussion with a different lightworker about whether lightholders are lightworkers. Only this time a different distinction was made.

Before setting out though, let me preface it with a general comment.

Roles like “lightworker” and “lightholder” are additive. We can be a lightholder and a lightworker.

At the same time, words themselves are symbols upon which we bestow whatever meaning we wish. We take words and make them mean what we want them to. It does no good to say we can’t do that.

Lightholders or lightworkers can be, and consider themselves to be, whatever they wish. Who could say that a lightholder cannot be a lightworker? No one. At least in a way that sticks.

At most, each side of the argument can gather to itself a community which holds to a meaning…

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