GrandFather though Kathryn – Together, We Have Done This: A Personal Message from GrandFather – 3-12-16

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My dearest ones, I believe it is time for me to greet you all directly.  You have been carrying this banner of Prosperity and Light, some of you for many years, and I wish to honor you and offer you gratitude and thanks for your brilliant service to the Light, and to the project that we all designed together when you were with me in Higher Dimensions.
It has been a challenge for all of you to remain positive, gracious and calm for so many months and years even in the face of detractors, setbacks, unexpected delays and for some, economic distress even as you plan for great prosperity.  You are truly the children of my heart, and you have opened your hearts to offer your help to so many others over the years, without personal benefit or glory – to say the…

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