The Power Game @ Judith Kusel

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Raven Reflection art by Cathy McClelland Raven Reflection art by Cathy McClelland


The Power Game

We are entering a momentous time in human history, where the consistent upgrades we have received over the last few years, will anchor in latent abilities within the human heart/mind which has lain dormant for millions of years.

We all have innate abilities of our souls to express as our souls are infinite and not bound by the finite, yet, so often cannot tap into the full application of this knowledge, without having the keys and codes activated deep within our soul memory banks, with the additional downloads and applications managed without our human mind and brain.

In Atlantis so much of these immensely powerful applications in the human heart/mind were shut down, then they started separating the heart and the mind.  It became a worshipping of the mind, devoid of the beautiful loving energy of the heart and soul…

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