Heaven Letters – How God Created the Wonders of the World – by GOD – 3-12-16

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Heavenletter #5586 Published on: March 11, 2016

God said:One day you said to Me:

“Beloved God, do You know what You are? You are noble, God. You are simply and wholly of the Highest. You are above the world. What an idea you thought of when you thought of implementing the world. What a daring thing! What an amazing thing! God, did You have any idea that You might sometime be faulted for creating the Wonders of the World?”

I replied:

It is not that I figured out the world detail by detail. I didn’t think about it like that. I desired the world as a way-station for My children, much in the way someone might say: “Let’s pitch a tent! Let’s have a picnic. Let’s go to the circus!”

An idea arose, and the idea appeared as easy as pie. Nothing ruffles My feathers. I didn’t think of all…

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