Mornings with Archangel Michael via Christine Burk – 3-10-16

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AA Michael

Mornings with Archangel Michael  via  Christine Burk
I come to bring you tremendous reassurance. Your fortitude is already legendary.  Now, together, let’s take the next step.  It is time to expand – further, wider, deeper.  It is the moment to swell your Galactically renowned faith and determination.
Up until recently, you have worked in pods (a warm nod to our dolphin family, who also speak in today’s  New Earth Times).  For your Life Plan and your Earth Mission, you have held the vision of your inner guidance through extreme conditions, and you have been more successful than you yet comprehend.  What is occurring at this time, is that the projects of many such individuals and groups are merging to reveal the even greater Mission.  While some pods have worked with absolute focus on the RV/GCR or other areas of the financial reformation, others have…

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