Lord Sananda – New Governance – All Intentional and Inadvertant Generation of Dark Energies Must Stop – We Are Here to Help – Sananda and The Dolphins via Kathryn – Asset-backed Currencies; transparent banking practices – Tsunami of Wealth – 3-10-16

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Sananda True

All Intentional and Inadvertant  Generation of Dark Energies Must Stop –
We Are Here to Help by Sananda and The Dolphins through Kathryn
Photo Courtesy of: Caters News Agency LTD.
Yes, dear family, everything really is changing in your world.  We have persevered, and we have triumphed on every front.  All the systems we have worked to change have entered a new phase:  financial systems have switched over to new asset-backed currencies and transparent banking practices.  Governments are reforming in dramatic ways, and in the U.S. there is a new Interim President who will make announcements within 24 hours, if the schedule remains firm.  As we have previously confirmed, Grandfather has truly “pushed the button,” and the tsunami of wealth has begun to flow.  Like a river gaining depth and…

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