Salute to the Dinarland Intel Warriors! – Sananda and the Company of Heaven through Kathryn – 3-8-16

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Live Long and Prosper Dinarland Heroes ~ WE LOVE YOU!
The recent popularity of the Dinarland intel sources across the internet is the crest of a wave that began a long time ago.  The Mission of the “gurus” who have come forward to provide information for their followers as a public service began years ago, with their own inspiration to learn the intricacies of world markets, and to gather information from far-flung places around the world.  They developed relationships of trust with friends and co-workers who rose to positions of influence in the financial world; they are economists, banking executives, keen investors, and world travelers with a sense for a good story.  But most of all, they are deeply spiritual, with a faith in God and a dedication to being of service to their fellowman.
The path converged for these Spiritual Warriors in the…

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