David Wilcock 3-6-16… “Just Say No to Partial Disclosure!” (and this isn’t even the “real article” yet)

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David_Wilcock_Search170David is pushing for FULL disclosure in this article (in contrast to the partial, which the cabal apparently prefers), along with passing information to us about what he has personally been going through.

Personally, I’m “tired” of waiting for all this full disclosure. I was ready for it back in 2008. Let’s get it on, baby!!

He also points to his and Corey’s presentations at Conscious Life Expo, which are available, as a collection of streaming video, for $144, at this link.

I may highlight this later, or do a separate blog post, but for now, at 1:46 AM, I want to finish this up. Time for my “sleep time” Galactic work.

I’ve put a bit from the beginning, a bit from the end, and then the text only (no links or formatting) of the full article (in case DivineCosmos goes down again).

[PS Thanks to DH for alerting…

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