Up Jacob’s Ladder of Consciousness – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Up Jacob’s Ladder of Consciousness

The impact of knowledge on us, it seems to me, grows the farther up Jacob’s ladder of consciousness we go.

Ideas (intellectual knowledge) elicit our mild interest.

Feelings (experiential knowledge) elicit strong interest and sympathetic action.

Intuition (intuitive knowledge) calls up mild certainty in us.

Realization (realized knowledge) calls up strong certainty.

These are all steps in Jacob’s ladder that we angels walked down eons ago and are now, apparently, walking up again.

When we share our knowledge, if we communicate ideas, people may be mildly interested for a while, that interest declining the longer we share.

If we communicate feelings, people are often roused and moved to action on our behalf.

If we communicate our intuition, people may accept our version, at least as being the truth for ourselves.

If we share our…

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