More News of the GCR – YOSEF Update (SitRep) – 2-29-16

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Lady Quan Yin


T he​ ​beautiful ​”​​Bride”​of the GCR/RV ​has entered the church, ​and ​she is well ​known ​in Asian cultures ​as Kuan Y’in or the Divine Feminine Goddess (also known as Gaia or Mother Earth in the west)​. (1)

​ Therefore, all nations and cultures of the world may now stand​,​ as all ​geopolitical ​”big rocks” were settled earlier in the week at the G20 preliminary meetings​; with new territorial boundaries and rules of diplomatic ​conflict resolution fully negotiated and voted upon (in person)–thus humanity and all its ​good standing ​nation/states have now met universal requirements for harmony through free choice.

AIIB (Hun Elders) have been “test pinging” or advising all member banks of their intention to release monetary hydration ​out ​to the world.​ And once they release ​internal ​liquidity codes from th​eir master account (with Kuan Y’in’s blessing), the ​shotgun start ​roll out process becomes experiential to all populations of the…

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