FLY FREE – SANANDA via KATHRYN – Step through the Doorway into a New World where there is no such thing as Stress – You are Connected with the Heart of Mother, Father God – Fly to the Safety of Higher Light! – 2-17-16

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We are truly on the march, dear Brothers and Sisters. The rollout has begun. The operation Chinese Sunrise is under way, as surely as the sun is seen rising across the globe, and all the world will be awakening to a new era. Whether you discover it gradually and quietly at first, as most of humankind will, or whether you are one of the intel followers who are awaiting “Redemption” as we have called it, all will feel its gentling warmth.

The massive changes in your world are flowing gracefully and quietly, with all systems carefully synchronized and aligned. There will be no massive breakdowns or disasters as the financial systems you were once familiar with, like the Federal Reserve and SWIFT systems for instance, will appear to simply change names, to AIIB, Wells Fargo, BRICS, CIPS, asset-backed currencies, rather than the old fiat system, and so…

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