Garrith Lamanov, El Melchizedek – Commander Vrillon – Transmissions – 15.5 Million Spacecraft – Earth will need to Purify itself – Higher Vibrationals on Earth will be Protected within Inner Earth – Earth Changes will come – Humanity will be rescued – Worldwide Evacuation of the surface for the purification process of the new Golden age of light – Our Team to bring peace and harmonize this planet within a balanced presence, allowing every soul to live in joy, abundance and unlimited possibilities – 2-24-16

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Garrith Lamanov, El Melchizedek


February 23 2016


6 hrs ·

Many who are now focused on ascension are receiving intimate visions of interacting with extra-terrestrials and seeing ships of Light in their dream state and in physical reality. Many starseeds and light workers who are just awakening from the illusion of duality are becoming aware and recollecting memories of boarding these ships and meeting with higher dimensional beings of Light.

As this has been an ongoing occurrance for many souls who have now felt a connection to an extraterrestrial lineage within other star systems, humanity will also be given the opportunity to experience this invitation to live within an evolved stage in evolution with other advanced worlds and civilizations of a higher dimensional nature. The reason behind these dreams and visions is to awaken those open to unity to prepare for landings…

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