Steve Rother – Practicing Human-ness – Changing the World with Love – The Beacons of Light – 2-21-16

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Practicing Humanness ~Changing the World with Love
The Beacons of Light ~ February 17, 2016
by Steve Rother and The Group – Presented Live 1/30/2016


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Greetings Dear Ones,

After much difficulty, we found our way through to you. Let us greet you in this new energy for you have been stepping through a challenge. On planet Earth there has been so much compression and so many things that have demanded your attention, taking your focus from where you wish it to be.. We tell you, dear ones, there are so many standing in their power and making their voices heard for perhaps the first time and in these sacred times. This very unique junction of time and space, offers an opportunity for you to make a significant difference. That is the message that we wish to bring to you. The challenge is to step into…

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