The Significance of Context and Transformation to Lightwork – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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I’d like to increase the number of tools in our lightworker toolbox by looking at what Werner Erhard called “context” and “transformation.”

I look upon the Human Growth Movement as my Father and Spirituality as my Mother.  And, in my opinion, no one (with the possible exception of psychologist and workshop leader John Enright) approached Werner’s mastery of human growth.

Werner had two experiences of enlightenment. The first woke him up to a new domain of possibility and the disappeared.

The second occurred while driving his car across the Golden Gate Bridge.  To try to convey what occurred and provide others with access to that experience, he created the est Training.

In all his programs, Werner combined social activism and spiritual depth in a unique and valuable approach to creating what he called…

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