Energy update – 2-19-16

Hang in there guys, this energy is so intense. Today there were bursts of energy, followed by huge releasing. My little one climbed into my lap and cried this afternoon. An hour later I found myself crying too, but I couldn’t explain why… only that it needed to come out. Then this gentle energy came in and now I am basking in the calm energy of the deep knowing that all will be ok. What an incredible journey 🙂
Physically a lot is happening. Teeth and jaw pain, joints aching, lower back and hip pain as the body struggles to ground in these higher frequencies. You could experience some dizzy spells, so take care on steps, in the tub, and driving. Rest when you need to and get outside if you can.
Part of this is full moon energies (Don’t forget to energize your crystals), however much of…

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