The Arcturians – Declaration of Sovereignty – Releasing the 3d matrix – Anchoring to the Crystalline Grid – Accessing Higher Dimensions – 2-15-16

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The Arcturians  –   Declaration of Sovereignty   –   Releasing the 3d matrix   –   Anchoring to the Crystalline Grid   –   Accessing Higher Dimensions   –   2-15-16

February 15, 2016 By



We share with you today a tool to assist you as you begin to fully anchor your consciousness to the higher vibrational dimensions of the Crystalline 5d grid and beyond.

As Always, go Within and be guided from your Heart as to what feels right.
Leave the rest behind.

I AM Source, Sovereign, Free.
I STEP Fully into my Sovereignty as per The Law of One in this NOW and DECLARE, as per my BIRTH RIGHT as a GUARDIAN of THIS EARTH:

I Release ALL 3d Illusions pertaining to separation, and fully disconnect ALL MY ENERGY from ALL lower vibrational timelines, matrices, realities and grids, as I no longer wish to be…

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