Steve Beckow – The Value of Transparency and Authenticity – 2-16-16

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Steve Beckow

What is transparency? Transparency means making visible that which is invisible, which it’s important for others to know.  The most obvious and important example is making visible how we feel.

Our ideas about things relate to information, facts, materiality. They’re intellectual knowledge – useful but limited in reach, power, and relevance.

Our feelings are the first level of beingness that’s experiential. Experiential knowledge has more  immediacy, impact, and relevance.

How we feel about something (and “I feel like” or “I feel that” is not a feeling) is the vital piece of information that people need to know about us to assess whether they’ll act in the situation at hand or not.

Remember I said a few weeks ago that realizing I was out of touch with my feelings was a stunning discovery I made halfway through a three-month encounter group many moons ago.  After that, I blasted…

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