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ART : Me, Myself, and I – Ognian Kouzmanov


Resurrection: The New and the Next Wave

Feb 15, 2016

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Take a moment to listen to the radio show with Suzanne Maresca which aired on SUNday. We discussed the recent Christed activations stepping forth in Wayshowers, and the upcoming wave expected to make this a permanent state of consciousness for many.  It is available as a video on the Ascension Integration youtube channel, or downloadable as an mp3 at

Ascension Goal: The Solar Cosmic Christ

One of the first steps in the Ascension process is setting your intention for what you would like to achieve. Your goal might shift as you ascend. Some find the energies, practices and revelations overwhelming, so they rise just enough to open the heart, love themselves and others, get over past baggage and enjoy the journey. A wonderful path.

Others are dare-angels who…

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