Love…Love…Love…! – by Sananda through Kathryn – 2-15-16

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Love…Love…Love…!    by Sananda through Kathryn   –  2-15-16



Greetings,  I want to talk with all of you about Love.  I love talking about Love.  Yours, mine, ours.  During this time of monumental change, it is important to rest easily in Love, because it is the best life-preserver there is.  Love buoys us up, carries us through the difficult or turbulent times.  That is my experience, is it not yours?
How often when things go badly for you have you turned to an old and trusted friend who has loved you through the good times and bad?  It may not change the conditions, but it certainly soothes the ache, doesn’t it?  And have you ever boarded a bus or subway at the end of a day that left you frazzled and then watched a baby gaze around and giggle at the people who smile at him? …

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