Americans Free at Last –The ties have been permanently broken The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America by Anna Von Reitz

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From Sisterhood of the Rose Groups – Prepare for Change:

The information below is IMPORTANT! We are sending a special bulletin of the Prepare for Change Newsletter so you can easily send this to colleagues, friends and family. Although it has been “out there” for more than a week, it will take much longer than this to sink into the hearts and minds of the population. Read it carefully. As you know, we still have long way to go before the law of land is established and fully functional. This is a first step.

You may have discovered most of this information on your own, or in fact you may consider it old news, but the vast majority of Americans do not know this. So we have created this simple but attractive email to connect with those who may be unaware.

We feel that this clear and authoritative summary statement…

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