Steve Beckow – A Renaissance Awaits Us – 2-1-16

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Steve Beckow

First the news of the dark and then the news of the light.  Skip to the * * * if you want just to read the news of the light.

The secret state is like a creeper. Pull out one root and with it comes everything else.

Start anywhere – sex slavery, snuff flicks, mind control, weather warfare, the secret space fleet, the drug trade, money laundering, and every other area of criminality, unconstitutionality, and inhumanity comes up with it.

In recent years, the Illuminati, cabal, or secret state has seemed, to me in any case, to have become sloppy, over-confident.

Added to that, the white hats, supported by allies under as deep cover as the cabal’s allies, have done their homework, crossed their “T’s” and dotted their “I’s,” in terms of gathering evidence on the wrongdoers.

In the blink of an eye, I think…

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