Energy Update 2-1-16 – Jenny Schiltz @ Channeling The Masters

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art Thumbelina @ Zimmerli Museum ART : Thumbelina @ Zimmerli Museum


Energy Update 2-1-16


The energy is high and it will continue at this intensity for a few more days. We entered a portal area and while intense it is really a great opportunity. With this portal we are able to integrate very high frequencies that change everything about us. This energy is asking that we put away our masks, face our shadow, and start co-creating from the heart space.
We are receiving tremendous support at this time and many are experiencing visions, dreams, and messages. Pay attention. Pay attention to the animal messages, the angel numbers, the thoughts you have that inspire, the images we perceive with our third eye. Write these moments down, they are here to help you, to guide you into the new.
Anything that is out of balance within you is coming to a head to be…

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