Steve Beckow – Welcoming the Interstellar Neighbors – 1-20-16

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SaLuSa new
SaLuSa from Sirius
Steve Beckow

I expect Disclosure in the near future.

Sheldan Nidle’s sources said last October: “The end to the UFO cover-up is at hand.”  (1)

SaLuSa of Sirius commented last summer:

“We are so close to you now and are openly visiting your Earth – so much that most people accept our presence in your skies.” (2)

“When all is in place, you and the Earth will be ready to receive the first official visits from us, and it will be a time of celebration. Be assured that from our point of view everything is ready for our arrival, and nothing will stop it from happening. So we tell you about the wondrous future for mankind so as to boost your expectations.” (3)

So for the new reader, what is this Disclosure we’re talking about and what’s its significance?

Disclosure means disclosing the truth that extraterrestrials…

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