GEORGI STANKOV – Important Announcement to the PAT – (Planetary Ascension Team) – Elohim Messages, Energies Report – 1-31-16

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GEORGI STANKOV   –   Important Announcement to the PAT   –

(Planetary Ascension Team)   –   Elohim Messages, Energies Report   –   1-31-16


On January 14, the Elohim came to us and announced big changes:

This is one of the greatest shifts ever enjoyed here, triggered by the arrival of the transliminal souls.  Their strong desire for success is really driven by their deep desire to maintain energetic connections to the source and to their soul families. Together with you, these souls will begin to refine the energetic imprint of this highest expression and pull themselves, and you, up into the upper levels of the fourth dimension. This means “movement” for some of you, which means some of you will move physically within your own outward realities,and where some of you are moved to begin new levels of service with either new partners or within the…

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